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SSA Creations specializes in laser cutting and engraving of décor and speciality products for weddings, events, customized home / business décor and Corporate Gifts and many more.

We are a family run company that started in 2019. We have a passion for excellence and commit to giving our clients the very best. We are able to do custom work and create designs from drawings and pictures.

We are predominantly an online store and make products to order. We also have specials from time to time and from season to season as advertised.

For any consultations we would prefer if you had samples, pictures or even a sketch of what you have in mind. Alternately together we can design something truly unique to fit your requirements

Please note that on principle and good faith we do not do any direct copies of products made by other designers due to copyright laws but we can make a similar product if so desired.

No job is too big or too small and we customize whatever. There is no such thing as a request ever being too big or too small and we are able to customize whatever you need.

What we do:







Slate (ONLY Engraving and/or Scoring),

Glass (ONLY Engraving and/or Scoring),

Metal (ONLY Engraving; Please contact us to confirm whether we can or can’t do the job for you).

If the client wishes to collect their orders please be so kind as to make an arrangement prior to collection to kindly ensure that we are available prior to your arrival as this is a private company and SSA Creations is a home run business. We would hate for you to arrive unexpectedly and there is no one to assist you.

Meetings are preferred within office hours – please book all meetings one week in advance.

SSA Creations has a contract with their own preferred supplier and costs are to be borne by the client and included in the quoted price unless the client wishes to make their own collection/delivery arrangements.

There is an additional charge added to the invoice for delivery by courier which is a flat fee.

Insurance on your parcel can be arranged for your own account.

It is each and every clients own responsibility to track any deliveries via the courier.

FOR ALL COURIER SERVICES: SSA Creations will not be held liable for any damage, loss, theft or misplacement of parcels – We will also not take responsibility for late deliveries because of labour-related issues, riots, strikes or any other reason.

In the event of a delivery that goes missing or is perhaps damaged in transit this must be addressed with the courier service.

Our Custom Products Gallery is purely to show off what we can do and what we have done.

All designs and/or products manufactured by SSA Creations may be used for advertising purposes on SSA Creations website and social media pages.

If deemed necessary by SSA Creations, products may be re-designed (Any information from the original product will be removed) and sold on our website. All designs completed by SSA Creations are owned solely by SSA Creations and are not for sale.

Event Planners,


Wedding Venues,



Nursery Schools,

After Care Centres,



Art Studios,

Arts and crafts suppliers,

Birthdays – themes (too many to mention),


Baby Showers,


Special gifts,

Holidays – Christmas Decorations, Easter, Eid Mubarak,

Themes – Halloween, Mothers’ day, Fathers’ Day,

Teachers gifts,

Educational toys,

Creative ideas for class rooms,

Inter School Events,

Celebratory Events – reunions,

Plays – props,

Matric Farewells,

Specialised Gifts,



Star awards,

Shop Fitters,

to name but a few…

SSA Creations will not accept orders by any social media utility except via the website or direct e-mail (sales@ssacreations.co.za)

It is recommended that any large orders must be considered well in advance before the due date in order to avoid any mistakes, production or supply problems and to ensure that SSA Creations produces the product quality we strive for.

All Orders are handmade (with your specific requirements), therefore we have a turnaround time of 2 (10 working days) weeks, depending on the time of year – Wedding Season is our busy time and orders tend to lean towards 3 (15 working days) weeks. Be sure to place your order well in advance to avoid disappointment.

All orders are subject to stock availability. SSA Creations cannot be held liable in the event where suppliers run out of stock which may lead to a delay in production. We will notify you of timeously if we incur any problems.

Production of orders will only commence upon receipt of 50% deposit of the quoted price.

Once approval has been received by SSA Creations in addition to the 50% deposit, we will regard this as acceptance for the fulfilment of the order and proceed accordingly.

It will be through tacit consent that there are no problems with the designs and SSA Creations will not take any responsibility for any mistakes on the final product.

If any approval of any designs was made, SSA Creations will not be responsible for any spelling mistakes or any illustrative faults.

It is each client’s own responsibility to double-check all designs carefully.

If the product or any portion thereof needs to be reproduced through no fault of SSA Creations, an additional 50% deposit will be required.

All-natural wooden products may vary as it is a natural product and the grain might cause lighter or darker engraving.

SSA Creations are unable to accept any returns after delivery, as all products are handmade according to each client’s specific requirements. Only in the event of a product fault or production error will returns be accepted for replacement.

In respect of any cancellation of orders, SSA Creations will retain the 50% deposit to cover the cost of purchase of production materials and labour expenses.

Payments to be processed either via eft or via the PayPal option on the Invoice.

All bank account details will be provided on the proforma invoice which is issued after a confirmation from you to go ahead with the order based on 50% deposit.


Any quote issued will only be honoured for 7 days after which if there is no confirmation and deposit received, the order will be cancelled.

Please make sure all items ordered and all info is correct on the invoice before making payments. If there are any changes to the items quoted, be it through size, quantity or colour or spelling of a name a new quote must be issued.

If there are any customized design proofs that require approval these will be sent prior to the commencement of any production. Design proofs are to be carefully scrutinized for font preferences, spelling and design elements.

SSA Creations must receive approval and proof of payment of the deposit before production commences. Such approval must be sent via email to:

sales@ssacreations.co.za with your quote number in the subject line.

If approval has been received and payment has been made by the client – SSA Creations will not be liable for products/courier cost for any additional items or changes that were not included in the original approved quote. A new job order is to be created and quoted.

All items as uploaded on our Facebook page and website are clearly marked as items we have designed. Ideas of what can be produced which may be from other sources may be used, SSA Creations will not duplicate exact replicas of someone else design.

Unfortunately, we are unable to keep samples of all items made.


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